Workoholic and computer geek, I always well on the Internet, study, try and force a free software as far as possible. I’ am a workaholic and I am proud of the fact that since my 16 I haven’t spent a single day as unemployed, besides vacation, going to the army and similar obligations.

I'm also proud about fact that I learned everything in IT area only from the internet and by my own craziness, without formal IT education.
I can’t put up with disorganization and infatuation of people with importless things like hatred toward other nations or sexual differences and similar foolishness on this planet.
I'm sharing knowledge for free on Kompjuteraš IT blog, which I have started up

 прочитај на српском



Installation, administration, monitoring, recovering the system, security, additional software such as web server, database, etc.


Installation, administration, recovering the system, security, additional software, Windows server and configuring its additional services


Installation, administration, backup & recovery, reports, migration, performance tuning


Web design, SEO, installation, adjustment, optimization, backup, data recovery, administration, content management


Installation and configuring Vmware ESXi, VirtualBox, kvm, Ixc, Hyper-V, Citrix


Central monitoring logs, central monitoring system resources by Icing/Nagios/Cacti, email notification


Implementation, training a large number of users, adjustment, administration of servers and users


Support to users and work on distant computers and servers via VPN-a, RDP-a, ssh, TeamViewer, telephone, chat and other ways


Installation printers, scanners, fax/copy machines, replacement of parts, adjusting video surveillance and many others things


Recovery, IT security, work with users and training, knowledge of many others areas

WORK EXPERIENCE / updated @2017

LOGIT d.o.o - Belgrade
Position: System Engineer
Period: Маy 2015 – present

DOING THIS: Automation via shell and batch scripting, administration and security of Windows and Linux system, managing with Google Apps accounts, administration and making WordPress sites, installation and configuring of additional services and software's on Linux servers, purchase of hardware, support associated with system administration on Linux and Windows cells, Oracle DB administration and tuning for more huge clients, system and network administration, designing, installation and monitoring systems and infrastructure, virtualization via VMware ESX on local and distant location, consulting, care about security of network and systems, backup strategy for internal and external applications

CDE S (ex Interex) - Serbia, Bosnia, Romania
Position: System Administrator
Period: June 2007 - May 2015

FINISHED SUCCESSFULLY: Care about work of all servers in the company, virtual and physical, Oracle DB administration, tuning, making reports via PL/SQL and Excel ODBC-a, virtualization via VMware ESX, system administration for users in company in Serbia (300 users), remote support related to Security, Oracle, Linux and Windows for users in Bosnia (700 users), backup, recovery, system monitoring and care about IT security of company, care about POS equipment (cash registers, fiscal printers, GPRS, connecting, servicing), care about hardware, installation, configuring (scanners, printers WiFi routers, laptops, PDA devices, fax devices- virtual and physical, network equipment), training of users for work with computers, automating the work of users in shops wherever it is possible, participation in negotiations about purchase of new equipment, design site of the company as well as multiple internal sites (BTS, Wiki, demo For WebShop, etc), care about Active Directory and other services on Windows Server, implementation and migration of users on Google Apps as well as training for work.


Period: 2003 - now (out of business obligations)


Creating web presentations. Installation, adjustment, servicing PC and laptop devices, training of users for work with computers (Microsoft Office, mail, Internet, security, Linux...). Remote installation, administration, support and data recovering of servers and services, VPS, virtual networks, personal computers.

Other jobs that I have worked in life and of course I am not ashamed of listing it

Store supervisor in the Maxi Discount (2002-2007), laborer on construction jobs 1995-2002, work on the assembly of electrical switches (6 months, 2006), work in exchange office (3 months, 2005), work in commerce (5 months, 2004)



Formal education: Higher Railway School "Belgrade"
Acquired title : Mechanical Engineer of Railway Mechanics

I living on VPN, Serbia, Belgrade, Barajevo
Other: English, non-smoker, active driver, married, 2 kids, apolitical, born 1979
My IT blog (Serbian language)

You can contact me via Linkedin network and you can expect answer from me only if you contact me about business offers or suggestions.