Linux Systems Administrator


Linux, Windows, virtualization, shell scripting, automation, systems administration, network, monitoring, Oracle and PLSQL (didn't worked with this for a long time), IT consulting and training, IT security, open-source, WordPress, HW/SW, Ansible, Splunk. Willing to learn Docker, Kubernetes, AWS (or Azure) SysOps, Jenkins, Git, Terraform Father of two little gremlins and full-stack husband. (very) Passionate amateur table tennis player. Active car driver. Filmophile. Trying to lose weight - well, yes, unsuccessfully, but !soon..

Work Experiences

Linux Administrator and Application Support

SAP/CallidusCloud | 2018 - Present

I'm working as a member of the SysOps team, responsible for detecting and troubleshooting all kinds of problems on the Linux servers, updates and upgrades, HA, providing solutions for improvements, and much more. Mostly worked with: Redhat, SLES, VMware, Ansible, HAProxy, Jenkins, Splunk, OSSEC, centralized package repositories and mirrors, postfix clusters, shell scripting (bash).

  • Linux system administration, security hardening, and application support on ~10k servers
  • Report Security Patch compliance
  • Reviewing system and application logs to identify possible issues and provide solutions.
  • Shell scripting, writing Ansible playbooks
  • Maintain operational, configuration, or other procedures.
  • Performance tuning, system, and security monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Running projects, creating system tools, shell scripts, and Ansible playbooks
  • Work with other teams for ongoing tasks
  • Participating in on-call schedule, communication with impacted constituencies

System Engineer

LOGIT/Agremo | 2015 - 2018

I was the only systems related guy in the company, responsible for local users and workstations, company production, and test environment including Linux and databases, complete network setup, IT security, email administration, writing procedures, and manuals for future usage, and much more. Worked with: CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Oracle DB, VMware, pfSense, Mikrotik, shell scripting, IT consulting, WordPress, GSuite (now Google Workspace).

  • Installation, system administration, and monitoring of ~100 Linux servers
  • Configured (from zero) production environment (Hetzer.DE, ~50 VM and bare-metal servers)
  • DBA for ~30 Oracle databases and web services, both testing and production databases
  • Creating and implement backup strategies for systems and databases
  • Setup monitoring and alerting with Icinga.
  • Complete system and infrastructure setup and administration for the company users
  • Setting up services for larger clients
  • Automating procedures, purchasing hardware and software
  • IT consulting for external clients
  • Email and websites administration

IT System Specialist

Intermarché | 2007 - 2015

My first official IT job. I started in the company as a member of the system administration team responsible for the normal operation of Interex supermarkets and HQ in Serbia - but finished as the last one...before moving to the development team responsible for the Balkans area and G.O.L.D ERP. Well, I worked in a company almost all related to IT, it's not for short lines... Worked with: CentOS, Oracle DB, Open Source, VMware, Hyper-V, GSuite, POS equipment, WordPress, Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008, MS Office, hardware repairing.

  • System administration, setup, and IT support for the (~200 users)
  • Linux and Windows Server system administration (~30 Linux and 5 Windows servers)
  • Involved in Oracle DBA, backup and recovery, PL/SQL, and tunning
  • Setup external equipment for users: POS, cash-registers, PDA, printers, scanners, etc
  • Remote IT support for users in Serbia, BiH, and Romania
  • Providing IT training for non-IT employees in HQ and supermarkets
  • Involved in negotiations and purchasing of PC and POS assets
  • Open Source software implementation to replace commercial software's (own initiative)
  • Many other IT tasks related to business, retail, and normal work
  • Providing help about video surveillance system and their installation
  • Managing antivirus software over centralized console (ESET and F-Secure).
  • Creating many kinds of analytic reports for top management by using PL/SQL
  • Complete G.O.L.D. ERP administration for Serbia, BiH, and Romania (~2000 users)
  • Email administration, the first level of support for Google Apps
  • Created company website (for Interex Serbia)
  • Bash scripting


Migration of patching process to Ansible


Migrate to Ansible very complicated procedure for mass Linux patching with much manual work and a very time-consuming process.

Mass implementation of OSSEC


Mass server-agent implementation of OSSEC for all servers, including custom rules and notifications.

Migration to VMware from old equipment for pio.rs


Serbian national retirement insurance used many old and dying physical servers which were not candidates for P2V because of the unsupported OS by VMware. I migrated them successfully to VMware, simply by using Clonezilla.

Backup implementation for critical services


Implemented backup solution for all critical services related to databases and applications, both for LOGIT and Agremo, mostly by used RMAN, rsync, bash scripting, crontab, and NAS.

Kompjuteras.com IT blog


Many IT tutorials, quizzes, and reviews wrote in some unusual way, and some non-IT brain dumps from IT guy.